Spotlight on Steve Summers

Steve Summers – Chapter House Funerals, Funeral Director. Steve’s earliest memories are road trips to visit his grandparents in Perth, the long journeys across the Nullarbor Plain with his father driving the family with countless hours of singing and banter with his brother along the mostly dirt highway. An active memory Steve still holds close to his heart today is the loss of his baby sister. Steve only remembers his mother being absent for an extended period of time. The support in these years was not as it is today and discussion and bereavement was encouraged to be internal and silent. Chapter House refers all parents to SANDS, who provide support, information and education to anyone affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. Tragically both Steve’s parents died when he had just become a young father himself. Steve holds strong to ensure he creates memorable experiences with his two beautiful children and wife Michelle as he only knows too well life can be taken away in a tragedy at any time. Steve is always up for a chat about gardening, fish keeping or just life, so call into Chapter House anytime to met Steve Summers your local funeral director.