eziFunerals has launched its latest campaign to make funerals more affordable by supporting funeral directors that are “open, transparent and fair.”

eziFunerals today reinforced its ongoing commitment to Australian customers with its ‘Fair Funeral Promise’ aimed at not exploiting bereaved people at their time of grief.

The Fair Funeral Promise is an initiative run by eziFunerals to tackle the underlying causes of rising funeral prices. It is another example of eziFunerals always putting its customers first, so they can get a fair funeral.

It is a free and voluntary commitment that:

  • recognises funerals can be expensive and many people need fair and affordable options.

  • helps people to find funerals that are within their means and budget.

  • provides open and transparent funeral prices, including third party costs.

Troy Upfield, Managing Director for Chapter House Funerals, Victoria said:

“We had no hesitation in signing the Fair Funeral Promise. At Chapter House, we are committed to open and transparent pricing. Funeral affordability is a growing issue and it is absolutely key that we play our part to help tackle this.

“Being the first independent funeral home to sign the Fair Funeral Promise highlights our long-term intentions in wanting to ensure that quality funerals remain both an accessible and affordable option.”

Peter Erceg, Owner, eziFunerals, says:

“Funeral consumers in Australia have been clear in what they want from funeral directors and they have been clear about what they expect from us at eziFunerals.

“People organising a funeral can be exploited at one of the most emotional and stressful times in their lives. Misleading sales practices, huge upfront costs and unclear fees are far too common, with thousands of dollars of ‘extras’ regularly added for items not wanted or needed by unwary consumers.

That’s why eziFunerals only supports Independent Funeral Directors and not funeral brands owned by public listed companies.

This initiative will build on the success we’ve had in recent years in growing consumer awareness and confidence in eziFunerals. This confidence is key attracting new customers by working with the independent funeral directors to make funerals more personal, affordable and community driven.”