Chapter House ‘Complete Green’ Package

Single Service Funeral – Cremation and Living Legacy tree cemetery memorial plot – ‘Complete Green’ Package

  • Transfer into our care.
  • Mortuary care.
  • Arrangement.
  • Cemetery concierge – assistant provided to accompany you to the cemetery to make arrangments.
  • Hearse – 2017 model.
  • Death and Funeral notice (Herald Sun)
  • Staff on day of funeral.
  • Death Certificate.
  • Chapel at either Fawnker Memorial Park, Lilydale Memorial or Altona memorial Park – The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.
  • Celebrant.
  • Cremation – including doctors cremation authorisation.
  • Choice of a coffin or casket that have been crafted with the environment in mind.

Coffin: The Ashkar – is a solid planation pine coffin with natural linseed oil finish. The Ashkar is fully timber dowelled with no metal fittings and features natural rope handles.


Casket: The Archetype Pine – finely finished in pine casket with subtle was sheen. The handles are integrated in wood. The lid is fixed by wooden keys.

  • Living Legacy Tree Memorial at Fawnker Memorial Park or Lilydale Memorial Altona memorial Park
    In memory of your loved ones, options are now available for cremated remains to be transformed into life-giving nourishment for a growing tree.You can choose from a variety of trees, to be planted at agreed locations of your choice. A further 200 trees are also planted locally and abroad to replace the air we breathe in a lifetime.
    People often wish to be remembered in ways that honour their personal, cultural and religious values.

Total cost including gst $18,000.00

*Wake/Refreshments not included however these can be arranged on your behalf.